Based out of Moldova, we offer our services both locally and internationally. Our cross-border experience spans transnational mergers & acquisitions, splits, global legal surveys, country reviews, as well as investment, infrastructure, legal & regulatory drafting projects, etc. If needed, we will assist you in finding legal advice and representation in a number of countries such as the USA, the UK, Ireland, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Romania, Ukraine, etc., where we have established partnerships with local and multinational law firms.

Our consulting services range from written memorandums to legal opinions, due diligence reports, limited scope reviews, and oral consultations. Both in-person and alternative arrangements can be made for the latter.

We offer legal representation services during partnership negotiations and amicable dispute settlements, administrative or investigation proceedings conducted by public authorities, arbitration, and court litigation.

Depending on the requirements of your specific project or transaction, we will assist you in securing the services of notaries, authorized liquidators, bailiffs, forensic accountants, stock and real estate evaluators, auditors, accountants, and other experts.

You can receive legal assistance in English, Romanian, French, and Russian. Unofficial translations and bilingual versions of the documents are available in any of these languages, while authorized translations can be accessed through our network of local partners.

We strive to deliver elegant and comprehensive solutions for your legal challenges. Your peace of mind is our ultimate badge of excellence.

Below you will find detailed lists of our services for each area of practice.


We have solid experience in consulting and representing local companies and foreign investors in cases of incorporation, management, reorganization, M&As, splits, and liquidation of commercial and non-commercial legal entities.

Our services in the corporate sector are:

  • Advice and representation during the incorporation, reorganization, and liquidation of companies, foundations, and non-profits
  • Advice and representation for the incorporation of subsidiaries
  • Structuring and due diligence for M&A, reorganization, and liquidation procedures
  • Developing and updating internal corporate documents
  • Organizing and conducting shareholders and board meetings; taking minutes and drafting decisions
  • Advice and representation in capital increase, share issue, and investment proceedings

We provide support to enterprises from various industries in developing their internal regulations, procedures, and standard framework contracts that ease day-to-day business operations. We can also assist you in creating highly customized contracts that serve the purpose of your specific project or transaction.

Our services include:

  • Framework agreement templates (sale-purchase, services, lease, acquisitions, shipping, transportation, warranties, manufacturing, etc.)
  • E-commerce contracts, terms & conditions
  • Product warranties & disclaimers
  • Custom contracts
  • International contracts applicable in multiple jurisdictions
  • Foreign language or multiple-language contracts
  • Consumer rights policies and defenses

Moldova represents an attractive labor market for foreign investors in many industries. Therefore, we are well-versed in providing legal advice and dispute resolution services related to various labor and migration procedures. We are on top of data protection (GDPR) notification procedures and disputes, having already gained substantial experience in this field.

Our services in these areas cover:

  • Internal regulations tailored to specific business types
  • Templates and customized individual employment contracts and job descriptions
  • Consulting on work suspension procedures (technical unemployment, quarantine, unpaid leave, etc.)
  • Consulting on staff reduction processes
  • Residence and work permits for foreign managers and employees
  • Investor visas
  • Personal data protection agreements
  • Assistance in the notification procedure as a personal data operator
  • Representation in labor and migration authorities and courts in the context of the above-mentioned procedures

Over the years we have provided legal consulting and representation services to local and foreign ICT companies in the fields of AI, FinTech, MedTech, logistics, telecommunications, etc.

Our services for this industry include:

  • Assistance in registering as an IT resident
  • Outsourcing contracts
  • Software development and maintenance contracts
  • Service level agreements
  • Software license and IP protection contracts
  • Hire, labor, and service contracts
  • Internal documents review and upgrade for copyright protection, data security, and trade secrets

We are actively engaged in providing advice and representation to FinTech companies such as e-money issuers, payment service providers, crowdfunding platforms, etc. Since 2021, we are an official legal partner of FINTECH MOLDOVA.

Our services in this field are:

  • Pre-launch legal and compliance checks of services, tools, and applications
  • Legal advice and representation in obtaining operating licenses and authorizations
  • Internal mandatory procedures and compliance documentation development
  • Drafting of standard services contracts (B2B, B2C)
  • Assistance in compliance investigations performed by regulatory bodies
  • Investment consulting (SAFE Agreements, Equity Crowdfunding, Loan Crowdfunding, etc.)
  • Legal consulting for crowdfunding

We advise and represent local and foreign companies and individuals in various IP issues – IP registration, legal defense against trademark infringement, obtaining well-known status for trademarks, protection of copyrights, drafting IP license and assignment agreements.

We can help you with:

  • Advice in registration of a trademark, patent, protected designation of origin procedures
  • Advice in opposition to third party IP registration
  • IP license and assignment contracts
  • Franchise and exclusive/non-exclusive distribution contracts
  • Advice and representation during appeal or defense procedures before the Intellectual Property State Agency or in courts of justice
  • Advice and representation of IP disputes in courts and arbitration institutions

We have provided advice and representation to local and international companies during clearance proceedings, investigation of the Competition Council, as well as ensuing court disputes.

We can support you with the following:

  • Transaction clearance through competition law (antitrust agreements, cartel agreements, economic concentrations, abuse of dominant position, etc.)
  • National and cross-border M&A competition due diligence
  • Advice and representation in the process of reporting, as well as investigation of unfair competition or abuse of dominant position claims
  • Advice and representation for merger notifications (economic concentration)
  • Advice and representation during Competition Council investigation
  • Advice and representation in court proceedings involving appeals against the decisions of the Competition Council

Construction and real estate are some of the most dynamic sectors of the Moldovan economy. We have ample experience in consulting developers, real estate brokers and agencies, international construction companies, landowners, and buyers.

Our services in this field include:

  • Advice in construction authorization and city planning certificates issuance
  • Advice in city planning code assignment procedures
  • Buildings and land pre-transaction due diligence
  • Construction and agricultural land sale-purchase contracts
  • Assistance with FIDIC contracts conclusion and implementation
  • Assistance with World Bank and EBRD works framework contracts conclusion and implementation
  • Planning, design, and architecture contracts
  • Engineering and project management contracts
  • Real estate investment contracts
  • Lease agreements
  • Assistance in Road construction projects

We offer tax advice to national and international entities in transaction negotiation, contract drafting, day-to-day operations, as well as post-factum advice and representation in case of a fiscal investigation or fiscal optimization process.

Services in tax law include:

  • Consulting on the company tax status
  • Transactional tax impact analysis
  • Obtaining the official opinion of the State Tax Service on the fiscal status of operations and transactions
  • Advice and representation in fiscal audit proceedings
  • Advice and representation in administrative proceedings before the State Tax Service
  • Advice and representation in court proceedings appealing the decisions of the Tax Authority

Our lawyers acted as national legal experts in many legal drafting projects in the past decade. We have been involved in the process of development, approval, and implementation of laws and regulations in areas of finance, insurance, AML, medical care, media, public property, real estate, labor, social security, medical insurance, etc. Such projects were implemented with the support of international donors such as the European Union, USAID, GIZ, UNDP, etc.

We provide the following services in the fields of legal and regulatory drafting:

  • Ex-ante evaluation of legislation adoption in a given sector
  • Preparatory research; analysis of relevant facts, data, international and EU legislation
  • Drafting normative documents (laws, decrees, regulations, ministerial orders, standard documentation, etc.)
  • Impact Regulatory Analysis Reports
  • Drafting Informative Notes
  • Compiling Divergence Tables
  • Compiling Concordance Tables following the EU legislation harmonization process
  • Conducting public debates and turning feedback into regulatory solutions
  • Comments and legal opinions on draft normative acts submitted for public debate
  • Ex-post analysis; legislation and regulation impact evaluation

We offer advice and representation in administrative proceedings before various central and local public authorities: the Parliament, the Government, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Protection, the Ministry of Justice, the Public Property Agency, the National Agency for Energy Regulation, the National Bank of Moldova, the National Commission for Financial Market, the Public Procurement Agency, the Public Services Agency, the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency, the Agency of Geology and Mineral Resources; Chișinău City Hall and the City Council, etc.

We assist our clients in the following administrative matters:

  • Certificates, Licenses, and permits issuance proceedings
  • Public procurement proceedings
  • Public-private partnerships
  • Privatization proceedings
  • Various administrative proceedings

Given our international experience we are confident in providing advice and representation on a global level.
We offer legal advice and representation in disputes before international arbitration institutions.

We offer the following services in international arbitration:

  • Advice and representation in investor-state disputes (SCC, ICSID, etc.)
  • Advice and representation in disputes related to construction and works projects executed under FIDIC, EBRD or World Bank framework contracts
  • Advice and representation in various international commercial disputes under various rules of arbitration (UNCITRAL, SCC, ICC, LCIA, ICSID, etc.)
  • Expert legal opinions and reports on Moldovan legislation for international courts of arbitration
  • Appointment of as arbitrator (Andrei Bivol) in international courts of arbitration

Moldova has become a member of the Council of Europe in 1996 ratifying the European Convention of Human Rights in 1997 acknowledging and enforcing the jurisdiction of the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Since then, ECHR issued over 470 cases against the Moldova and proved itself as an effective jurisdictional instrument against the abuses of the Moldovan Government, public authorities and national courts of justice.

We are constantly providing assistance and representation in procedures before the ECHR. To this day we have raised over 70 cases before the ECHR. Over 25 of them were examined in favor of our clients or settled amicably after the Government conceded to the allegations of our clients.

We offer the following services:

  • Consulting and analysis of the domestic case for the prospects of an application against the Government of Moldova to the ECHR
  • Drafting the application to the ECHR and preparation of the case file
  • Drafting the submissions of the applicant on the admissibility and merits of the case
  • Representing the client in public hearings before the ECHR Chamber or Grand Chamber, if the case requires it
  • Representing the client in amicable settlement negotiations with the Government Assistance in enforcement of the ECHR judgments in Moldova

Our team has litigated over 200 administrative, civil and commercial cases in the Republic of Moldova.
We provide advice and representation at all levels of court jurisdiction and in various national courts of arbitration. Our co-founder – Andrei Bivol has served as an arbitrator in national courts of arbitration.

We provide the following services for national litigation:

  • Consulting on potential disputes and litigation risks
  • Advice and representation in civil and administrative procedures before the national courts of justice (district courts, courts of appeal, and the Supreme Court of Justice)
  • Advice and representation before national arbitration courts
  • Advice and representation in procedures of acknowledgment and enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitration awards
  • Appointment as arbitrator (Andrei Bivol) in national courts of arbitration

Public Procurement picture

We offer professional advice to national and international economic operators regarding public procurements. This specialized area of expertise is designed to assist clients in navigating the intricate legal framework governing government tenders and contracts.

Service in public procurements include:

  • Consulting on public procurements
  • Drafting and submitting offers to public procurements
  • Advice and representation in appealing the acts of contracting authorities/entities to National Complaint Settlement Agency
  • Advice and representation in court proceedings appealing the decisions of the National Complaint Settlement Agency.